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ATA Study Units

ATA study units are worldwide groups of collectors who have an interest in a particular topical collecting area and work together to research and promote this area.

For information on becoming an ATA Study Unit click here.

Here is a list of the current ATA affiliated study units.

Americana Unit: History, culture, and industry of the USA worldwide.

American Society of Polar Philatelists: Antarctica and Arctic.

Archaeological Study Unit: The Archaeology Study Unit collects and studies postage stamps related to archaeology from the stone age to the beginnings of recorded history..

Armenica (Armenian Philatelic Association): Armenian history and culture worldwide.

Astronomy Study Unit: Astronomy, astrophysics, comets, planets.

Bicycle Stamps Club: Bicycles.

Biology Unit: Worldwide animal and plant life, present and prehistoric.

Captain Cook Society: Life and voyages of Captain James Cook.

CartoPhilatelic Society: Globes and maps.

Casey Jones Railroad Unit: Trains, railroads, and streetcars.

Cats on Stamps Study Unit: Domestic, wild and heraldic cats.

Chemistry & Physics Study Unit: Chemistry, physics, and related science.

Chess on Stamps Study Unit: Chess and other board games.

Christmas Philatelic Club: Sacred and secular aspects of Christmas.

Disneyana on Stamps Society: Philatelic items relating to Walt Disney and his legacy.

Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections (ESPER): African American heritage worldwide.

Errors, Freaks & Oddities Collectors Club: Errors, freaks, and oddities on worldwide stamps.

Europa Study Unit: All aspects of a United Europe.

Fire Service in Philately: Firefighting.

Gastronomy Study Unit: Food, ingredients, cooking, and food science.

Gay & Lesbian History on Stamps Club: LGBQT history and culture.

Gems-Minerals-Jewelry Study Unit: Gems, jewelry, and minerals.

Graphics Philately Association: Books and printing from papyrus to eBooks.

International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors: Worldwide stamp collecting.

Journalists, Authors and Poets on Stamps (JAPOS): Authors, journalists, and poets.

Malaria Philatelists International: Malaria worldwide.

Masonic Study Unit: Freemasonry.

Maximum Card Study Unit: a maximum card, or maxicard, is a collectible made up of three elements: a postcard, a stamp and a postmark. The study unit publishes a quarterly newsletter, North American Maximaphily.

Motivgruppe Musik: Music worldwide.

N. S. Savannah Study Unit: Nuclear ship N. S. Savannah (USCS Chapter 109).

Penguins on Stamps Study Unit: Penguins.

Perfins Club: Perfins are stamps that have been perforated with designs, initials, or numerals by private business and governmental agencies to discourage theft and misuse.

Petroleum Philatelic Society International: Oil, natural gas, and petrochemical industry.

Pitcairn Islands Study Group: Pitcairn settlers past and present.

Plate Number Coil Collectors Club (PNC3): Plate numbered coils and related stamps.

Rotary on Stamps Fellowship: Rotary International.

Semi-Postal Study Unit : A group for collectors interested in semi-postal issues. The study unit publishes a quarterly newsletter, Egens Vicinus.

Scouts on Stamps Society International: Scouting worldwide.

Ships on Stamps Unit: All types of watercraft.

Space Unit: Astronauts and astronautics.

Sports Philatelists International: Olympics, recreation, and sports.

Stamps-on-Stamps Collectors Club: Stamps-on-stamps.

Tolkien Philatelic Society: stamps, first day covers, meters, cancels, and other philatelic items relating to The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien and his legacy.

United Nations Philatelists: United Nations worldwide.

Windmill Study Unit: Molinology.

Wine on Stamps Study Unit: Grapes, wine, and winemaking.

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