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ATA is the world's leading supplier of topical stamp checklists. Checklists are one of our best member services - if you are not already a member, click here to join or learn more. Checklists are a members-only service. The ATA is now making its checklists available to members from a dATAbase containing over 500,000 stamps and 975,000 topical listings. Members who have purchased ATA checklists from the dATAbase (since May 2014) can receive free updates once a year upon request.

Our new online order system makes it very easy to order. Please watch the short video clip to see how to place your order.

When finished with your order, DO NOT click the "Submit" button more than once!

It will charge you again if you click it again.

To order a checklist,  please click here to go to the online order form.


To view a list of all available standard checklists, click here.

If you don't find your topic listed, ATA can customize a checklist for you. Order by email, phone or postal mail. Contact or email the ATA Office, for information.

Costs for the checklists are:

  • Emailed (Excel file, or .pdf file if requested): Two cents per listing. A checklist with 200 stamp items costs $4.
  • Mini-topics (checklists with less than 150 items) cost $3. The minimum cost for any checklist is $3.00 each.
  • Maxi-topics (checklists with more than 3,750 items) cost $75.
  • Mailed: Add ten cents per page for printing (~30 items per page), plus actual postage to mail. Contact ATA Office for assistance.
  • Checklist Updates: ATA members purchase a checklist from the new dATAbase (since 1 May 2014) are entitled to free updates once/year as long as ATA membership is maintained.

For all checklist listings, the numbers after the checklist names denote the number of items in the checklist. Generally, if all the stamps in a set are of the same basic design, there is just one item listed; it will contain all the Scott catalog numbers in the set.

When you order checklists, you will find the following checklist information for each item:

  • Stamp ID - the unique identification number for the stamp within the dATAbase.
  • Type - the specific of philatelic issue such as "stamp," "semi-postal," "souvenir sheet," etc.
  • Country - the nation issuing the stamp
  • Year-Mon-Day - columns containing the issue date of the stamp listed by year, then month and finally date.
  • Denom. - the issued denomination of the item.
  • Scott - the Scott catalog number for the item.*
  • Description - notes and additional keywords describing the item.

To learn more on how a checklist is compiled click here.

If you need to mail an order, click here to download and complete the checklist order form.

Regarding the membership requirement...

ATA Checklists are a members-only service, meaning that membership is required in order to purchase any checklist. Once you are a member, you are welcome to purchase as many checklists as you would like and, as long as you maintain your membership, you can request free* annual updates for your purchased lists.

All American Topical Association (ATA) checklists are the property of the ATA, intended for use by members and to promote thematic collecting. These checklists are copyrighted and are not to be copied except by the ATA for distribution to its members. Checklists cannot be redistributed, shared or reprinted in any publication without prior written consent from the ATA.

*There is a cost if you request the list to be printed and mailed. Printing and postage fees will be charged.

* The Scott numbers are the copyrighted property of Amos Media Co., dba Scott Publishing Co. and are used here under a licensing agreement with Scott. The marks Scott and Scott's are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and are trademarks of Amos Media Co. dba Scott Publishing Co. No use may be made of these marks or of material in this publication, which is reprinted from a copyrighted publication of Amos Media Co., without the express written permission of Amos Media Co., dba Scott Publishing Co., Sidney, Ohio 45365.

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