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Cash donations (including check, credit card and PayPal contributions) to the American Topical Association are the most direct way to support the Association. The ATA is a 501(c)(3) charity, so your donations may also be fully tax-deductible depending on your personal tax situation. Always check with your accountant or tax professional to determine your status for tax-deductions.

There are many ways to give to ATA.

Donate by Mail

Your check or money order is always welcomed when making a donation.  We ask that your check be drawn on a US bank in US dollars. Make the check payable to "ATA" and mail your gift to:

American Topical Association
PO Box 2143
Greer, SC 29652-2143 USA

Online Donations

ATA accepts online donations through the PayPal Giving Fund. This unique service allows the ATA to accept donations without paying the typical fees charged PayPal and other credit card processors. You can use most credit or debit cards to make a donation or you can use a PayPal account.

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Donate by Phone

Feel free to call the office anytime you want to make a donation. The phone number is: 618-985-5100.

When calling, you can make a donation via credit or debit card. 

Sponsorships are an important part of targeted giving to ATA. We have many projects, ranging from publications to show awards, that are most appropriately funded outside of our operating budget. If you know of a project that we are planning and wish to make a gift to support its success, please let us know.

Matching gifts from employers are a small, but important part of ATA’s budget. If your employer matches charitable gifts, please remember to complete the employer’s form requesting a match to your ATA donation.

Stocks and other securities can also be transferred to ATA as donations. There is no need to try to figure out your cost basis in a stock or fund that has reinvested and appreciated. Your gift to ATA is valued at the time of transfer, and you will receive the full dollar-amount, tax benefit of your gift. ATA has a brokerage account, and you only need to contact ATA headquarters for identifying information and share that with your financial advisor. After ATA receives your gift, it can sell those assets to fund Boldly To The Future or an ATA sponsored publication or program of your choosing.

Estate planning is a convenient way to support ATA in your honor and memory. We have been fortunate to receive significant gifts from the estates of ATA members, and these help us to continue to provide important services and benefits to our members. It is simple to update your will to add a gift to the ATA, or any organization you wish to support.  You simply complete a one-page codicil to your will, specifying a cash gift, percent of an estate, or life insurance.  Your estate planner has the form, and the process can be easily completed.  Then, let the organization know that you have named it in your will.

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