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Topical Tidbits is a periodic feature of the ATA website. In each issue we will look at a specific topic of interest to young collectors with information, fun facts, games, puzzles, activities, and of course, loads of stamp images. Check this page often for future issues, and if you miss one, check this page for back issues too!

Each issue of Topical Tidbits is free to download and share as long as you share the entire document and leave in all references the ATA and copyright notices.

Fall 2021 Topical Tidbits - Bells

Sleigh bells. Church bells. School bells. The Liberty Bell. There are so many kinds of bells that we encounter in our everyday lives. Have fun learning all about bells in this edition of Topical Tidbits.

New to this issue is a philatelic dictionary. It’s towards the end and is several pages long. Each page features a stamp collecting term with an illustration. Future issues will include new pages. Find out more by clicking here.

Summer 2021 Topical Tidbits - Puerto Rico

¬°Bienvenidos a Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto! Welcome to Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment! This issue is loaded with activities to teach you all about this fabulous Caribbean island.

This issue is written in English and Spanish. That is because both languages are spoken on the island. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Find out more about Puerto Rico by clicking here.

Spring 2021 Topical Tidbits - Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin who is known as the “king of ragtime.” Ragtime is a musical style with a syncopated (off-beat) rhythm and was given this name because listeners of the day felt that the rhythm sounded rough, uneven, or “ragged.”

Joplin also wrote a ballet and two operas. Enjoy learning more about this amazing musician and other music-related topics in this issue by clicking here. 

Winter 2021 Topical Tidbits - Ireland

The lush, green island of Ireland lies to the west of Great Britain. Eighty percent of the island is known as the Republic of Ireland. The northern-most section of the island is part of the United Kingdom and is called Northern Ireland.

Have fun learning all about the Emerald Isle by clicking here.

Fall 2020 Topical Tidbits - Thanksgiving

The United States is not the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although reasons vary from country to country, it’s an opportunity to get together with family and friends and celebrate what’s most important in life no matter where you live.

Read all about Thanksgiving by clicking here.

Summer 2020 Topical Tidbits - Honey Bees

The honey bees that we know and love are not native to the United States. Up until the 1600s, there were no bees here that produced honey. That changed, though, when European settlers arrived on the east coast bringing bee colonies with them.

Read all about honey bees and more by clicking here.

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