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Resources and Publications

ATA provides a number of resources for the topical collector. Some are freely available to everyone while others are reserved for the access and use of our valued members. Membership in the ATA offers benefits that will enrich your collecting experience and enable you to engage with other collectors with similar interests. Once you've explored all the ATA has to offer, we are certain you will want to join - click here to start your application today.


Topical Time is the official journal of the American Topical Association. Each bimonthly edition contains 92 information-rich pages for topical and thematic collectors of all ages and experience-levels. The journal includes illustrated and informative topical articles, checklists, hobby news and information from our dealer sponsors. 

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ATA's Topical Checklists

ATA is the world's leading supplier of topical stamp checklists. Checklists are one of our best member services - if you are not already a member, click here to join or learn more. Checklists are a members-only service. The ATA is now making its checklists available to members from a dATAbase containing over 418,885 stamps and 746,081 topical listings.

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For Young Collectors

Topical collecting allows young people to focus specifically on things that interest them without the expectation of rules to follow and album spaces to be filled.

The ATA actively develops and promotes tools and techniques to enhance the experience of the hobby for younger collectors.

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Publications and Handbooks

Since the beginning of the ATA, handbooks have been a valuable resource for members and collectors around the world. Handbooks have been built around specific topics (Insects on Stamps), they have been designed to touch on many topics (What's First?), and they have been written to cover the full range of topical and thematic collecting (Topical Adventures). Today, the legacy of publishing some of the best resources in the hobby continues. Explore the full list of available handbooks by visiting the publications section of our webstore.

ATA Study Units

The American Topical Association is composed of members who specialize in thematic or topical philatelic collecting. Those who share a specific topic band together to form "study units." These units promote their specific topic and encourage research on that topic. Explore the full list of study units here...

ATA Chapters

ATA Chapters are local stamp clubs that have chosen to affiliate with the ATA. These chapters receive benefits of membership and instrumental in the local activities and promotion of the ATA and topical collecting.

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