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JVC Brewing Up Topicals Covers, set of 3

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Brewing Up Topicals by John Colasanti is a popular set of three limited-edition, event covers available exclusively from ATA. Originally designed for NTSS 2017, these covers are available for a limited time and in very limited quantities. • Design one features a delightful witch whipping up a batch of her Halloween brew. • Design two depicts a laid-back Silverback Gorilla with a frosty bottle from the (fictitious) Topical Brewing Co. • Design three features legendary moonshiner Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton. All covers include a US Forever® stamps postmarked with the NTSS2017 cancellation. This series was originally issued in a limited edition of 25 sets. Very few remain from the original edition. The store price includes domestic shipping, international orders will be invoiced additional postage after your initial order is received.

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