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A map is a visual representation of an area that could depict not only its geography, but also political boundaries, socioeconomic distribution, technological advancement and the extent of natural phenomena. As such, maps can be used as a political tool to claim territories or as a celebration to commemorate events in the areas they depict. Since 1955, the CartoPhilatelic Society has helped philatelists interested in maps and globes on stamps to study them. The society's quarterly journal The New CartoPhilatelist includes articles about maps on stamps and new issues; the October 2011 issue also discusses maps in pictorial cancellations. Also in 2011, the Society published a major revision to the Maps On Stamps checklist which identifies about 40,000 individual stamps related to maps and cartography. To keep up on CartoPhilatelic news, the society's website,, features a blog with articles discussing new issues of interest to the society.

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